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Poster: Noah 8-? Date: Jul 4, 2014 7:06pm
Forum: opensource_movies Subject: Re: Squeakers

Hey Mr Cranky,

Who's Chip? I am only familiar with Jeff Kaplan.

An' automated Uploads? AUTOMATED ! ? ! ?

How is it that AI allows being blitzed by not even a person but a ........ stuff shotgun.

Who do we gotta impress that this is dangerous for the future of the entire site?

Noah 8-?

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Poster: Mr Cranky Date: Jul 5, 2014 4:54am
Forum: opensource_movies Subject: Squeaky Tweakers verbose elucidation.

Chip is the pronoun I use when corisponding with a posibly machine generated text message. A human will usually correct me if I do not use their name. In the case of "Arkiver" the responces were mixed. It was not until the anger of one of its responces was I certain any humans were involved. Bases on huristics, It is still fairly certain the account is used by several entities. "Poke it with a stick and see what crawls out." I say.

Mr Kaplan is a patient, helpful person who has been very helppful when I was doing everything in the "How To Upload Your Collection Badly On The Internet Archive" handbook.

Automated scripts are used by several uploaders that I know of here. Personally I do not upload to my collections often enough to need such a process. I quess the news shows and such are the biggest users.

I hope the IA is receiving large donations from the uploadeds who use the shotgun method. If IA can store the data and get credits for the use of the space it should be OK. The Twerkers main error was the lack of technical knowlede in the process caused normal users to be "painted" with there sloppy work. The bad vibe from the employees is indicative of a several things. I usually put the rock back down if something like that crawls out. But in this case it crawled out and snapped at us, so maybe it bears watching.

The future of the IA site is difficult to discuss. At this appearent point in history most large physical librarys are in danger of disapearing. And the materials stored in the buildings are being removed and replaced by newer but less useful objects. For example; vertical file collections are almost gone from librarys now, and the CD and DVD collections that replaced them are now in danger of removal due to media reader changes. But the information in the vertical files was lost due to inadaquet storega and conversion. If the IA is capable of storing and maintaining everything with its current funding is a question I cannot answer. And I have no data on how much the users donate.

I would not censor what is keep in a library but do want the entrance foyer to be pleasant and organized. That is difficult when ADZ shot-gunners are not put in back behind the unmentionables.
Sorry about the wordiness but I'm tired from blowing up small objects all day in celebration of a national holiday. Its odd that we do not have a national happy-nice day.